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A message from the founder

After 8 years working in the software industry, I decided to change gears and pursue a more balanced lifestyle. Like many people in the tech industry, working long hours was common. In 2020, I worked from home full-time. As this became my new normal, I began dreaming about how I could work less hours and spend more time as a father to my two sons. I’ve been tracking and trading cryptocurrencies since their beginning and at the start of 2021, I developed a strategy that allows me to consistently earn a profit. I started Margin as a way to allow my family to participate in a crypto investment fund. Trading is a way for me to get some margin in my life so I can spend more time with my family. What could you do with a little more margin? If you’d like to learn more about Margin, send me a message. If think you might like to become an investor, join the waitlist.

Jordan Fray | Founder and Managing Member

Margin is a family investment fund operating under the SEC's "family office" exemption. Learn more about who qualifies as an investor.